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DNA Paternity Testing

Explore at-home paternity testing, legal paternity testing, and paternity testing during pregnancy (non-invasive prenatal paternity test, or NIPP), with Divinty.

Relationship DNA Test

Confirm a biological relationship with one of our many DNA testing options.

Do you want to confirm a relationship? Use DNA testing to get the answer you need and get rid of any doubts. At Divinity, we provide many types of DNA tests to choose from for confirming biological relationships. If you’re not sure when test below is right for you, call us for a free consultation—our friendly and knowledgeable experts are ready to help!


Lifestyle DNA Testing

DNA tests for ancestry, weight-loss DNA testing and more—which is right for you?

What Can I Learn about Myself through DNA Testing?

Get to know yourself from the inside out. Gain new insights, improve your quality of life, and have fun making new discoveries with this suite of high-quality DNA tests.


Immigration DNA Testing

DNA testing has become a cornerstone of the modern immigration process. Why? In many cases, paperwork alone isn’t enough to prove familial ties. Immigration DNA tests definitively confirm biological relationships and fill any gaps left by insufficient records.

Fertility DNA Testing

Uncertain? Get answers with our accurate home tests.

Peekaboo Early Gender Detection Test

Is pink or blue in your future? Find out earlier than ever before—just 6 weeks into pregnancy, which is up to 14 weeks sooner than traditional ultrasound!  Peekaboo’s 99.5% accuracy rate is more precise than any other DNA early-gender detection test.

Pets & Vets DNA Tests

Divinity provides the very best DNA testing for dogs, cats, birds, and more.

Which animals can you request a DNA test for?

For over 15 years, we’ve been the trusted go-to DNA-testing resource for pet lovers, breeders, and veterinarians. Divinity has a dedicated team of professionals committed to providing quality testing and legendary 5-star service. We offer low laboratory fees and fast turnaround times as well as free, professional, and friendly consultations. 

We offer DNA tests for various animal species. From quadrupeds to winged creatures, at DNA Center you have come to the right place. See below for which animals we offer a DNA test.